Saturday, May 17, 2008

Et tu, Dems?

If it isn't enough to have Feckless Leader roaming the Middle East bringing confusion to our ostensible friends and glee to our manufactured enemies, the Democrats in Congress show that when it comes to sticking a foot in the mouth, Bush has not yet cornered the market.

The bright idea that if the Saudis won't pump more oil to keep us fat and happy in our SUVs, we won't sell them $20bn in arms is one of those equations that boggles the mind. Never mind that our blessed ally Israel seems be able to bitch slap the Secretary of State whenever they want (I'm not saying its a bad idea), they get our arms for free with nary a word of criticism.

But, of course, there are other solutions for the Saudis, who don't even actually use the high priced weapons they buy. They can buy them from the Russians. Yet maybe Congress didn't know that, the US press has kept pretty quiet about it, oddly enough. Listen, the Saudi are doing us a favor buying our arms, not vice-versa. Capisc?


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