Monday, August 04, 2008

Drip, drip, drip

It never fails to amaze us , a managed press campaign that sets out to destroy the reputation, and to create a guilty aspect, involving a 'suspect' in a famous crime.

In it, the press/law enforcement tango swings and sways to the beat, story follows story, sidetracks are cut off, and a narrative is built. Often, the narrative bears little resemblance to the truth.

Wen Yo Lee was a good example, so was Steven Hatfill, and I fear the story of Bruce Ivins is being built on the same lines. Ivins however, will not be with us to assert his innocence or fight for his rights.

So far, despite the relative unanimity of the press in accepting Ivin's guilt as proven, the story itself seems strange enough to be inspiring some good work in the blogosphere.

1. The whole history of the affair is intimately wound about 9/11, the bandwagon of fear was inflated by the speculation that the anthrax attacks were either by al-Qaida or Saddam. Glenn Greenwald has documented how ABC News, in particular, was involved in the scheme.

2. The 'therapist', Jean Duley has been the primary source of attacks on the moral fiber of Ivans. Ms. Duley seems to have had some issues of her own, and seems to be prime fodder for FBI disinformation tactics. Once more via GG.

3. The Brad Blog has discovered that Mr. Ivins was a registered Democrat, countering some press that said he was a right wing fanatic.

Yet to be discussed is the unfortunate demise of Mr. Ivins. Because of the strange wording of some news reports, there was some implication that Mr. Ivins was already in hospital when he was stricken. This has not been confirmed, nor discussed. Mr. Ivin's last moments remain described only as death by overdose of 'prescription Tylonol and codeine'. We await, with bated breath no less, further developments in this area.


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