Thursday, August 07, 2008


Despite the pronunciamento in the last post that the anthrax investigation was over, it's facts and fictions to be relegated before long to the obsessive gaze of the conspiracy theorist, we're still ready to be happily surprised.

Firstly, the quality of some posts out there have made so much sense even NPR managed to get off the FBI bandwagon, for a while. To be specific, all these bloggers and blogging journalists have made significant points:
  1. Glenn Greenwald, Glenn focuses on the ABC report that tied the attacks to Saddam
  2. Larisa Alexandrovna (At Largely), many posts, lots of good questions
  3. Marcy Wheeler (emptywheel), many posts, lots of good questions
  4. Dave Neiwart at firedoglake
  5. Simon Owens, at the happily named Bloggasm, follows up on Greenwald
  6. Meryl Nass, M.D. an actual anthrax expert, who made the non-expert point that the FBI has failed to place Ivins at the scene of the crime, the New Jersey mailbox. Highly recommended.
The press, despite their normal reflex to instantly go into lockstep, continue to maintain a rather unconvinced tone in the reporting of the FBI's golden moment.

We shall continue to monitor the situation.


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