Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Joe eats crow

Touted as one of the administration's least hawkish birds on Afghanistan, and after saying with conviction that the US would definitely pull out by the end of 2014, VP Joe Biden has toed the line and said the US 'might' stay the course indefinitely.

That, along with some love and affection, was supposed to make Karzai happy enough to quit his whining and complaining about dead soldiers, civilians and officials being sent to their just rewards not by the Taliban, but by his erstwhile allies, the US and NATO.

We shall see, Karzai's habit of going off the reservation seems ingrained, and Joe is hardly the one that will convince him for long.

Biden is now off to Pakistan, to do more convincing of the Pakistanis to stand up and slaughter more of their own people. We know they'll do it for the right price, but maybe not the right people, at least on US terms.

But that should prove the end of Joe's humiliation in this round, he must just hope that Obama doesn't send him to Arizona. But no, Obama himself is taking on that onerous task.


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