Friday, January 21, 2011

The T word

There is a steady drumbeat building to screw state government retirees out of the pensions by having the states go bankrupt. Today's NYT does its part with an article in its best propaganda style, discussing the issue without ever using the word tax.

It's true that the pension funds now are often underfunded, huge losses were sustained by the frauds engineered by the banksters, while the states have raided the funds to... lower taxes.

Along with the other whammy of gutting Social Security, the movers and shakers in the US seem determined to reduce large portions of what used to be the middle class to penury. The need to pay out giant bonuses to banksters, fight insane and hopeless wars forevermore, and imprison much of the non-white population, while keeping taxes at historic lows, necessitates this, evidently.

It will be interesting to see if the oldsters, when they realize they are up shit creek without a paddle, get feisty. At present they seem so addle-brained from watching Fox News that they think its all Mexican's fault. If they do ever start to figure things out, it certainly won't be from reading the New York Times.


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