Thursday, April 07, 2011

Tower of Babbling

Apart from the greatest threat to mankind in the history of the world, the 'shutdown' of the US government, most of our other news threads have degenerated into a morass of contradiction.

In Libya, the US announced that their airstrikes would end last Friday, and then that they were extended until Saturday upon request from NATO. Now we learn that US airstrikes continue, and that possible US boots on the ground might be necessary to augment the US sneakers on the ground of the CIA.

Mission creepiness.

In Japan, the Times says that the recent aftershock/earthquake has complicated Japanese efforts to avoid nuclear catastrophe, in case it hasn't already happened, while the LA Times assures us that US experts are sure the crisis is ebbing. Right.

It's evident that a lack of direction has allowed the press to muck and cluck about like soon to be headless chickens, ready for a new mandate, or their imminent beheading. President O keeps getting smaller and smaller, or maybe more and more transparent, defying his dusky hue as he merges into the background of the White House.

Outside, we are sure, life goes on all around us. Reality, being real, is bound to rear its ugly head even for the press. They'll get their story straight when they're forced to, or after they move on to the next big thing.


Blogger in the vanguard said...

Dick, the shutdown would have been a boon. You have no idea how much overload there is in the federal payroll, for people who do virtually nothing. Like 9,000 people watching out for some Georgia state park, like thousands paid to track earthquake info, as if that helps avert or predict earthquakes, like multi-millions in grants for nonsensical, professors' "research" departments, like frying a pigeon's brain to see if that "center" has to do with feeding, ... and the crap goes on and on.

You should be prayimg for a shutdown.

Nor would it hurt the military budget an iota.

4/10/2011 7:07 AM  

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