Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Liberating Libyan Lives

The UN mandate for action in Libya, to prevent civilian casualties, is proving to be what it looked like from the beginning, an excuse to help one side in a civil war and reap the benefits, no matter how many are killed and maimed.

Preventing civilian casualties is about the last objective of NATO, day and night air raids on Tripoli, watching as refugee ships sink in the Mediterranean sea, and round ups of ostensibly pro-Qaddafi civilians by the rebels show that the main objective is a pro-Western client state that can be economically exploited.

It may be the main benefit of the 'Arab spring' will turn out to be the countries of southern Europe, who have been given an example of how to act then your leaders are running your country for their benefit, and that of their bankster masters. The forces arrayed by the US, NATO, Saudi Arabia and Israel are probably too strong, at least for now, to avoid a rollback of the gains in the spring.

Meanwhile, Clinton meets with the rest of the counter-revolution, divvying up the spoils. 


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