Monday, October 31, 2011

Enemy of the Week! III

There hasn't been a slam-dunk winner for Enemy of the Week, the usual suspects have all been flitting around on our radar screen, so it took Monday's news to put this weeks winner, the Palestinians!, over the top. There had been some desultory rocket firing and Israeli bombing last week, but it was UNESCO's nervy vote to admit them that put the Palestinians in the winners circle.

The administration was quick to point out that such an admission "would hurt the peace process", and so it would suspend contributions to UNESCO, whose radical mission is to "Encourages international peace and universal respect by promoting collaboration among nations".

Hurting the peace process is something we have difficulty getting our minds around, if the peace process isn't already dead and pushing up the daisies, it is so moribund the priest is hustling to finish the last rites before burial. President Drone and Clinton are fully aware of this, of course, but they can just make up tall tales about "hurting the process" and the ridiculous press will repeat them without blinking an eye.

So congratulations Palestinians, with UNESCO's support you are Blog Simple's Enemy of the Week!


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