Monday, October 17, 2011

Enemy of the Week!

America's enemies are as numberless as the missiles President Drone fires at the brown people of the world. There are old established enemies, Iran, Syria, al Qaida et. al., sometime enemies and sometime friends, Pakistan, China, France, Russia, and there are new enemies you never heard of until now, like the Lord's Resistance Army.

One can identify and track President Drone's must faithful supporters, as you could with President G. W. (Feckless Leader) Bush, with the dexterity in which they jump on the current enemy as the 'worst enemy ever', and their enthusiastic will to do 'whatever it takes' (such as launch missiles from drones).

So, as a service to the world and a way to pump out an easy post weekly, Blog Simple has a new feature: ENEMY OF THE WEEK!, that will help you know who to hate most, and who is likely to get bombed next.

Our week 1 enemy of the week is: drum roll.....

Pakistan! Yes Pakistan is now allowing our boys in Afghanistan to be rocket attacked from Pakistan, possibly with the assistance of... Pakistan! We would start drone strikes against Pakistan, except we are already striking Pakistan with drones, so we will continue to strike Pakistan with drones, at least.

Last weeks winner, Iran!, who unfortunately for them started their plotting before Blog Simple rolled out its new exciting feature, came in a strong second.

Last week:
Iran! For try to blow up the Saudi Arabian ambassador and much of Washington and New York using used car salesmen and Mexican drug cartels.


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