Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A new wrinkle

The latest amazing terror attack that never will be, Iranian funded Mexican drug cartel assassins/bombers certainly moves the goalposts in the Terrorist of the Month sweepstakes sponsored by the justice department.

Mainly, replacing al-Qaida with Iran makes the stakes a lot higher, and puts it into a larger international arena. The Mexican angle, as absurd as it seems, creates a triangle that can draw more funds to the 'drug war', and puts Iran back in the spotlight, while still keeping the domestic terrorism drum rolling. Trifecta!

Apart from that, the FBI/Justice Department MO is pretty much sticking with the tried and true. Plotter (someone who has already has problems with the law) meets up (inadvertently!) with undercover agent/snitch. When arrested he tells all, and will undoubtedly plead guilty so that no uncomfortable facts will ever need to be quashed by national security claims. It will dominate the headlines for at least a few more days, and provoke deep discussions on NPR and PBS with talking heads from Brookings or AIE who will laud Holder and demand stern action against Iran.


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