Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The farewell from the NYT restaurant reviewer gives a glimpse of the mindset of the paper:
All criticism is argument. Mine has been from the start that restaurants are culture, and that there is no better perch from which to examine our shared values and beliefs, behavior and attitudes, than a seat in a restaurant dining room, observing life’s pageant in the presence of food and drink.
Our shared values and beliefs are evidently on display at restaurants that most (99%?) people cannot afford, and probably wouldn't go to even if they could? Only if you're so far up The Village's asshole all you can see is its shit.

Mr. Sifton will undoubtedly continue with his attitudes at his new post as an editor on the national desk of his crappy newspaper.

UPDATE: Also, David Brooks probably eats at those restaurants. He definitely shares in those values, beliefs, behavior and attitudes. Fuckers.


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