Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Blame it on Cain

So, rumors of randiness have seemingly claimed the campaign of yet another pol.

The public Mr. Cain has always seemed a rather vile exemplar of the type, but no worse than the other Rethugs, excepting Ron Paul, who is much the same, but at least claims to want to stop murdering thousands of non-US people.

And none of them can match up, one on one, with the crimes and lies of President Drone, not until they take the oath of office and start up their own atrocities. Then we will see.

The denouement of Cain's campaign is a classic example of a press campaign. The steady beat of the leaks, comments, tweets, posts and old fashioned news articles have pinned him to the ropes, and are beating him to a bloody pulp.

When will someone in the corner throw in the towel? Please. Cain is dumb enough to keep going until he's chopped liver and run over by a steam roller.


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