Friday, November 04, 2011

On to Italy!

'On to Italy' was the conclusion of the last post, and it's there the banksters (IMF) are now going to 'supervise' the austerity measures that Berlusconi has agreed to, but not implemented.

Silvio Berlusconi cares more about himself than anything, including his country. This has been obvious from the beginning, but his egoism seemed to have charmed, rather than dismayed the Italians. To choose it as a feature, rather than a bug in a national leader shows how effective he and his media empire have been in degenerating the political scene in Italy.

This latest ploy to stay in office will be his most damaging, and have the most long term consequences. Both Greece and Italy, we know from the past, have a weakness for 'strong men'. The continuing degrading of national economies will make them more and more palatable to their country, especially as democratic forms are made clearly subservient to foreign and global interests.


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