Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The primary propaganda tool of the National Security State, the New York Times, has a lengthy article that is suppose to shed light on President Drone's favorite thing, his drone program. 

Apart from the usual heart clutching paragraphs about the moral difficulties in deciding who to murder, the main thrust of the article is obvious, making mundane the murder of people half a world away, based on faith based evidence and lacking any oversight beyond that of the Drone in Chief. Chris Floyd has a good take down of the article's moral bankruptcy.

The defeats in Iraq and Afghanistan have made clear that another way of warfare must be found. There is no clear policy objective in kill people in Pakistan, Yemen, Sudan, the Philippines, terrorism is just the excuse. The objective is to extract resources from the general economy and devote them to the National Security State. The shift from covert to overt fascism is taking place before our eyes, Barack Obama is our Benito Mussolini, but the election charade will at least put another murderous clown on our TV screens next year or in five.

The Obamadrone also climbed on his soapbox to chastise Americans for their shoddy treatment of Vietnam veterans. Apart from being a recycling of right wing canards, the speechifying is most notable as a veiled warning to protesters that might challenge his reign of terror in Charlotte this summer. Both here and in Europe, any challenge to the neo-liberal establishment will be put down forcefully and as much as possible off the record.

Expect there more of the same as in Chicago. Entrapment, provocations and a media orchestrated chorus/blackout will show protesters the futility of their ways 


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