Monday, October 23, 2006


It's been my suspicion that the current operation in Baghdad (Operation Together Forward) is not what it's been sold as, an attempt to curb sectarian violence. Rather, I hypothesized that the resistance was starting to make things too difficult in terms of supplying and defending the Green Zone. A couple of things have occurred that tend to confirm my suspicions:
1. The destruction of a US ammo dump in Camp Falcon in Baghdad. This video (in Arabic) shows continuous explosions, with a much larger one (at about 3'20") follow later by a huge explosion with a mushroom cloud (at about 3'50). I do doubt the latter was a tactical nuke.
2. I've obviously no way to judge the veracity of the person being interviewed in this by Robert Dreyfuss. If what is going on is as he says, things are reaching a crisis state.
3. The latest consultations amongst the defense establishment. Are they just about blueprints for Maliki?
4. Casualty reports at a very high level.
For the administration, the highest priority would be avoiding disaster before the election. Even for the most paranoid among us (like me), it's hard to believe that the US population is so stupid, and/or the election process so rigged that a collapse in Baghdad wouldn't provoke a Democratic win.


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