Friday, January 28, 2011

Blame the messenger

The pathetic courtiers at the NYT find the true culprit behind the ongoing collapse of US policy in the Middle East. Al Jazeera!

As news outfits go, Al Jazeera is pretty much like the others, and not radically different in style and substance from the norm. Their blinders are just adjusted differently, so rays of light can shine through occasionally that escape the mainstream.

But there must be someone to blame here, not Clinton (the two of them), nor Bush (the two of them), nor Obama, nor even Bill Keller who has served so well as the faithful toady to the mover and shakers who've murdered and tortured thousands, propped up worthless dictators, and generally messed with people that would probably like to be left to their own devices for a while.

But there's the rub for Keller and his ilk, all must kowtow to their lords and masters, and even to their courtiers (themselves kowtowing feverishly). Al Jazeera has failed in their duty, thus they must be punished. There rays of light must be dimmed, so we can sleep well, and Keller can keep his job.


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