Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Famous last words?

Hillary Clinton, today:
The demonstrations prompted US secretary of state Hillary Clinton to assert during a press conference that "Egypt's government is stable."
It's early to know how far the unrest in Egypt will spread, they have a huge, US funding security apparatus that has never had any qualms about brutalizing the population. In Tunisia the game was over for Ben Ali when the police and military started hugging the demonstrators.

Whatever happens, the US is incapable of modifying its policies in the region. Israel dictates, and Obama obeys. Lebanon's change in government, done in the best parliamentary tradition, gets the same treatment as any other election that doesn't go Israel's way. Democracy seems to be a one-way street, and the farce is seemingly wearing on the people in the region.

It can only get worse, these people (the US administration) never learn until is too late. If then.


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