Monday, November 07, 2011

Enemy of the Week! IV

One would have to live in a cave, cut off from all human contact, perhaps even that of mammals, not to know that the Iranian danger has reach new, unheard of, dangerous heights. Israel is ready to attack (hardly a surprise, Israel is always ready to attack just about anyone, anywhere), Britain is preparing an attack, the US, like Israel, is spoiling for a fight, especially since the nefarious plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador was exposed, and Iraq handed them their walking papers.

So, where all that hostility and hatred is aimed, the Islamic Republic of Iran, is Blog Simple's Enemy of the Week! Iran has done everything in its power to gain the coveted award, continued its nuclear program, continued to be unabashedly Islamic, continued to have a scruffy president, as well as a turbaned Supreme Leader who is even more extreme than the scruffy president.

They continue not to reply to allegations that they cannot see, as reported by Iran Affairs:
Iran agreed as a "good faith" gesture to address these Alleged Studies upon receiving the documents that contain the allegations, but the IAEA has not provided them to Iran and refuses to do so because the US prevents it. Read here about them.
Those crafty fiends! Worthy to be Enemy of the Week!


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