Monday, November 21, 2011

No shame

Seeing disgusting neo-liberal Mayor Bloomberg with his even more disgusting top cop and neo-fascist Kelly together 'breaking' the pathetic story of a 'lone wolf' terrorist suspect nearly made me toss by cookies yesterday eve.

The media, equally disgusting, parrots these absurd threats without ever pointing out any of the contradictions:
1. He was, like totally, a lone wolf, living with his mother.
2. He had been talking for years with an informant.
3. He was charged with conspiracy.

How does that fit together?

It's obvious the NYPD is now mimicking the FBI in finding half-wits and molding them into publicity stunts for the mayor and police chief.

The pattern is that of reality TV. We just need some celebrity guests to decide whose terrorists rate highest on the scare meter, and award prizes to their creators and enablers.


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