Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Winds of change

Mubarak is toast, unless he is willing to defy his supreme lord poobah, Barack Hussein Obama. And with a middle name like that, how could he dare?

The VP just put in place, a CIA stooge, is ready to take up the helm and look out for his bosses interests if the Rais starts acting uppity. That is possible, thirty years of being a dictator might twist one's sense of reality enough to make some bad decisions seem attractive.

VP Suleiman just might have to take Mubarak out if that's the case.

The US now has two big problems:
1. Calm down Egypt before civil war erupts
2. Stop the bleeding in the Middle East, Jordan is as shaky as Egypt.

After Stonewall Bush, Little Miss Bo Peep Obama must really mystify US allies and enemies. A hegemon that doesn't know its ass from a hole in the ground is a big danger, and we can expect shit to be flying from all quarters.


Blogger Whitey Lawful said...

Unlike the West they value their culture and they believe their religion is a key component mainly. Those that are not Mohammedan are still not Western.

2/01/2011 9:27 PM  
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