Monday, November 28, 2011

Enemy of the Week! VII

It's Monday once again, and time for Blog Simple's favorite, and lately just about only, feature:

Enemy of the Week!

And we have a new winner! Iran has been monopolizing the rankings for the last three weeks, but just over the weekend, Pakistan had the temerity to get its soldiers in the way of US bombs and missiles, and the results were not pretty:

Pakistani officials said on Saturday that NATO aircraft had killed at least 25 soldiers in strikes against two military posts at the northwestern border with Afghanistan, and the country’s supreme army commander called them unprovoked acts of aggression in a new flash point between the United States and Pakistan.
But the US will investigate:
A senior American military official said on Monday that Gen. James N. Mattis, head of the military’s Central Command, would appoint a senior-ranking officer to lead an inquiry into the NATO airstrike the killed at least two dozen Pakistani soldiers over the weekend.
Yes, for the New York Times, Pakistani soldiers, like eggs, come by the dozen.

Anyway, in response to what General Mattis will call either an unfortunate accident, or Pakistan's fault, Pakistan has closed their boarder crossings to NATO trucks and shut down a CIA base for drones.

Before this incident, Pakistan also recalled its ambassador to the US and fired him, evidently for forgetting which country he worked for. This is problem that affect other countries, the UK ambassador to Israel as well as their defense minister both seem to think they work for Israel.

This undeserved escalation of Pakistan's hostility towards the US makes Pakistan Blog Simple' Enemy of the Week!


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