Saturday, February 05, 2011

The mind boggles

They are at it again, that merry crew of Obama, Biden, Clinton, et. al.

There is no level of incompetence, it seems, that will not be yet again surpassed by the Obama administration.

They send a 'special envoy', Frank Wisner, to Cairo to meet with Mubarak. After Obama says Mubarak must go, Wisner says he must stay. After that, an official claim that Wisner was speaking as a 'private citizen'.

Do you think the Egyptians are confused?
(h/t Friday Lunch Club)

UPDATE: more mind boggling...
A spokesman for the State Department said he "presumed" Mrs Clinton knew of Mr Wisner's employment by Patton Boggs and the firm's links with the Mubarak government, but refused to comment on any conflict of interest for the envoy. A spokesman for Patton Boggs could not be reached yesterday.
 (once again h/t Friday Lunch Club)


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And the latest flip-flop is that Sec. of State Clinton now indicates Obama Administration wants a "gradual transition" and doesn't want immediate resignation of Mubarak as demanded by millions of Egyptian protesters. Looks like special influence of Mubarak regime's Podesta/PLM Group lobbyists, the Patton Boggs law firm partner [former Pentagon General Counsel of the Air Force office attorney Dean Dilley]who now is the Egyptian Ministry of Defense's Legal Counsel, the Apache Corporation oil firm that is the largest U.S. oil industry investor in Western Egypt's oil resources and AIPAC is still determining U.S. foreign policy towards Egypt more than the will of the Egyptian people.

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